Where it started

IMG_7021Who hasn’t thought about packing up and driving off into the sunset? Well, that is exactly what I had dreamed of doing.  Somehow I got the notion to explore “car-camping”..yes it’s a thing.  So, I purchased a used moderately sized care with this in mind, a Honda CR-V.  The plan began forming when my 30 years of service was approaching, after all I would need a significant amount of time off to travel as much as I had planned…basically around the country.  Reducing my overhead was a must so debt reduction was crucial (nearly debt free as I am writing this blog). I have had the privilege to be able to travel quite a bit but somehow missed a great deal of our magnificent United States of America (landing in an airport doesn’t count).

Researching a bit on-line I began collecting information to prepare for my journey.  I didn’t want to change my car too much as it is my everyday car as well.  It is not very large so innovation is the key.  Some of the things I thought I needed to consider are listed below:

  • Sleeping/comfort: the seats in the back fold down- do I fold them or take them out?
    • Mattress- InnovEx Home Products FoldNGo 4″ Adult Memory Foam Mattress (initially used a air mattress- see dry run blog)
    • Need to build a frame to elevate the bed and add storage
      • Wood or PVC?
    • Camp chair
    • Hammock
  • Privacy:
    • Front windshield-curtain hung from a bungee cord strung from handles at each door
    • Passenger window-Store bought, home installed dark tint (bubbled like crazy-will get a professional installation or curtains)
    • Rear Window-Purchased a SUV tent (Explorer 2) for the back of the CRV (no solution for when the hatch is closed)
  • Food Plan:
    • Mostly non-perishable food
    • Cooler for creamer and the odd perishable items (bought a yeti but also looking at an electric one)
    • Crockpot to use while driving with an inverter
    • Electric kettle for boiling water for reconstituting food and making coffe
    • Sterno stove with shield
  • Storage:
    • Cargo nets
    • Cargo hitch with boxes (also bought locks and cables for security)
  • Where to park and sleep?
    • Campsites-could get pricey if I stayed there every nightState/National Parks-possibly less expensive but a cost non-the-less
    • Friends and family-an options but I do not have them in every corner of the country
    • Boon docking- Free camping, definitely an option, might be a bit scaryChurches-Volunteer for a safe site to park

There is a great deal more to think about and thanks to my friend who unbeknownst to me has been planning a very similar journey, has given me more to think about.

2 thoughts on “Where it started

  1. Hi Kit and Daisy,

    Just finished getting caught up on your blog. What the adventure you are both having!! Thanks for sharing your travels with all of us. Some amazing places you have been to and got to meet cool people along the way.

    Take care,

    Northern CA


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