O’Leno State Park

Another meet up with my buddy LM. The beautiful park of O’Leno.

Miles of hiking trails and an awesome suspension bridge made for great entertainment.

The Santa Fe river disappears underground!

River sink

River trail loop

Friends along the way


Ogden lake


Camp set with makeshift shade

Having a great trip. Really nice to have a real bath house. Campsites are fairly small and very close to each other. We kinda felt like we were dinner entertainment for the our neighbours 🤣. The sites lacked shade as well hence, the makeshift shade. In addition, the Dogwood campground is pretty far from the river. There is a closer campsite called Magnolia and it actually had a bit bigger sites with a little more privacy.

The dogwoods were difficult to capture but so very lovely.

The last day we packed up and headed to the river rise park.

What worked well:

  • Bathhouse Kit
  • Carabiners of all sizes!
  • Curtains
  • Mosquito net for windows
  • Boxes for food, kitchen supplies, clothes, toiletries
  • Tarp for table
  • New single cup drip coffee maker

Need to buy/improve:

  • Tarp, poles, stakes for shade
  • Better citronella candles
  • Brush for dishes
  • Baby powder
  • Tweezers (for tick removal!)
  • Bigger car!

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