Florida River Island-NW WMD

The Florida River Island campground is in the Northeast Water Management District. It is on the edge of the Apalachicola National Forest about 4 hours away. On the way there was quite a bit of wildflowers on the side of the road.

Apple maps decided to take me THROUGH the forest to a random spot and since I had NO signal I had to attempt to find my way out.


After 45 minutes I finally ran into a truck coming the other way and they directed me out. I still did not have a signal but stopped some 10-15 miles away at a small gas station where they pointed me in the right direction…I hoped. I was headed towards Bristol according to the signposts. And sure enough, some 10-15 miles later, I actually found the campground!

There is day use at the site and 10 campsites. A substantial concrete bridge over the Florida River. When I first arrived I drove over it since I saw a truck on the other side. I had a feeling they weren’t there the fish but I could be wrong.

I then drove around some of the campsites and they were rather close and littered with trees #’s 1-5 I believe. Then I spotted a lovely set of sites across the drive, all grassy and shady and spacious. Each with a fire ring and a table. Some even had concrete pads. I found #10 in the corner but visible from the road. I considered changing as it was obvious I would be the solo camper but decided it was fine.

After trekking umpteen miles down limerick roads through the forest (Thanks to apple maps) my car, my boxes, the wood I purchased, my cargo hitch and apparently INSIDE my boxes were COVERED in fine dust! Needless to say I had some work to do on this camp out as well as when I return home.

Note the massive amount of dust accumulated on the window!

More dust!


I settled a little bit of stuff in camp and decided to walk around and get the lay of the land. I walked back by the other campsite and checked out the port-o-potty. This is when I used it later.

After I collected a bit of wood I walked back across then bridge and down the rode. I distinctly heard something in the woods but kept walking staying vigilant. I had not gone far when I noticed a man in the woods I kept watching him and he didn’t seem to notice me. I became nervous and turned around and collected some more wood and headed back to camp.


Since it was such a long drive I made dinner in the crock pot. I made brown sugar balsamic chicken and veggies so, I warmed it up and ate. Then I commenced to cleaning everything in my boxes!

This is my first time using my new cook set!

Daisy and I went for another walk and met a man fishing from the bridge with his son and daughter. I asked if he had caught anything and he said a couple using live bait (worms and shrimp). I walked over the bridge this time without an encounter of a man in the woods. I realized the man I saw the previous day had probably been fishing as the river splits and turns up that way. I collected some more wood and headed back and made a fire and had a little dessert.

A couple of visitors in the campsite.

A bit of a restless night. Had a visitor at half past midnight. Large diesel truck by the sound of it. I was comforted by the fact that mein beschützer was right beside me.

After a hardy breakfast Daisy and I went for a hike. We traveled over the bridge once again and down the road into the Apalachicola National Forest. Not too far down the well traveled road there was a bend and another less substantial bridge to the left and a catwalk that started a loop.

We starts on the loop but it was clear that is was not frequently traveled so, we turned around and headed over the bridge for about a 20 minute walk.

Again, we gathered wood on the way back.

As I rounded the bend to cross the bridge there was one, then two, then three and more for a total of 5 trucks pulled up to the boat ramp! Four boats were launched and off to the fishing holes.

The rest of the day was kinda lazy. I read and hung the hammock finally utilising carabiners for easy take down. Might have taken a nap somewhere in there too since I had not slept well the night before.

I did manage to muster enough energy to walk down to the river and cast my line a few times… to no avail however.

Daisy wasn’t having much fun.

Dinner was the second half of the brown sugar balsamic chicken. I built another fire and had a mini s’more (minus the graham crackers). I doused the fire as I do not like the smoky smell all night and ended up closing the hatch. Good thing because it was rather chilly by morning. No midnight visitors this time!

After another hardy breakfast i mostly just packed up and read a little. The ride home was much more timely.

Overall the first trip with the new bed and table was great. I still need to pare down my stuff and organize. Once I get my solar and cooler all set I will know more about how much room I’ll have available. I’d really like to not have 2 boxes on back.

Lessons learned:

  • Plan better!
  • Print/download maps
  • Get better cell service (Verizon jet pack?)

To do:

  • Pare down stuff
  • Make back window cover
  • Install solar
  • Buy cooler
  • Down comforter
  • Buy slippers
  • Buy CO2 detector?

Wildlife spotted:

  • Tortoises x 3
  • Deer x 1
  • Heard Owls, wood peckers and whippoorwills

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