First day that I did not have to awake and ready for work. Kind of a weird feeling but I don’t think it has truly sunk in yet!


The festivities for celebrating my retirement were over the last two weeks.  First breakfast with some of my co-worker friends that work in the maternal child department.  This was a surprise as I thought it was just breakfast with my long time friend. 

Then my planned work party arranged by my team. 


Party Set Up


Food Set Up


The food was great and so many people attended!  I felt so appreciated (I don’t think too many folks came just to get some food!  LOL).  There were laughs and tears, a power point to honor my years and GIFTS!  I LOVE surprises, gifts included. 


Microfiber towel!


Collapsible wash basin.

Most people that work closely with me know my plans so I received gifts geared towards camping-micro fiber towel, collapsible bowl and the ever popular gift cards! For those that did not know what I am planning I created a photo book (super easy with the Walgreens app and ready in a matter of hours) that showed the van conversion. 

I also had the idea to ask the attendees for their favorite song with the artist.  I used my now obsolete business cards for them to write down their submissions.  My plan is to download the songs and create a playlist for my trip.  In iTunes I am able to change the names of the songs so I will add the persons name to the song title and when that song plays I will remember them as I travel!  I had some great entries.  Here are a few-

  • Gravity by John Meyer
  • Rock you like a Hurricane by The Scorpions
  • Cruel Summer by Bananarama
  • Sweet Emotion by AeroSmith
  • A House is Not a Home Luther VanDross
  • Toes by Zac Brown
  • Chickin’ Fried by Zac Brown
  • Going to Carolina by James Taylor
  • Over the Rainbow by Isreal Kamamkawiwo’ole
  • Radar Love by Golden Earring

My last day we had we had our sister hospital team come to a meeting and tour the facility and then a group lunch. It was great that they wanted to be included in my celebration.  My team made me a “survival” basket!  So funny and gift cards to complete my van conversion!



So far it just feels like a staycation!

I have been working on getting the van trip ready.  I created some hanging storage for fruit, veggies and other stuff.


And, thanks to my generous friends and co-workers I was able to order my 12v cooler, a car safe and a 12v electric blanket.  The blanket was so I wouldn’t have to have a sleeping bag or extra blankets if I ran into cold weather. It can serve as a pillow when not in use.

A couple of times a year Seahorse Island is open to the public for tours of the lighthouse and grounds. It is a wildlife refuge and University of Florida IFAS research facility. I have been meaning to go for years and finally made it.

The lighthouse is only two stories high but sits on the highest point in the gulf, 52 feet above sea level.


Descending the hill to the beach.


This is the beach on the backside of the island.

The very narrow short (I hit my head twice!) stairs to the lighthouse decommissioned beacon.



The defunct cistern


The dock on the front side of the island. It is only accessible by boat.



And finally the dock at Cedar Key.

Due to the generosity of my teammates, coworkers and friends I was able to order my 12v cooler, a car safe and a 12v electric blanket (so I don’t have to have extra blankets or a sleeping bag).

I have a few things to do before I go on my next test trip to Alabama/Tennessee.  I want to add suction cups to my reflectix window covers to help keep them in place.  My potty that was given to me is also too high to fit under my bed so I need to adjust the height of my bed in some manner.  I also want to build a frame in my cargo hold to support my hatches.  It is super hot here so the incentive to work on the van is pretty low.  But I better get my act together because I leave in a couple days!

3 thoughts on “Retirement

  1. Oh what a great celebration for your retirement!!!! Yippy!!!! You got some great gifts 🙂 I’ve added Seahorse Island to my list of places to visit.


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