Planning and Hiking While Home

In less than a month I plan to leave for my trip that I have been thinking about for nearly two years.  I have learned so much from websites, my friends, phone apps, and FB groups.  I am sure I will learn more as I go.

When I returned and rested I started to work on my to do list-

Planning-I was able to research and plan my nightly camping sites from home all the way up to Niagra and over to Michigan, down to Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and working my way back up to Wisconsin.  Then hitting Minnesota, Iowa again before heading West to Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota. Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

Clothes-I scoured the thrift shops for moisture wicking tops and shorts and found a few then found shirts at Wal-Mart for only $3! More clothes


In addition to planning I decided to try and hike a few times a week to get more fit for the trip.  Looking at places close by I found some parks with hiking trails.  Funny that I have lived here all my life and have never been to some of the these parks.

Loblolly:small park that has many small unmarked trails along the Hogtown creek.  Lots of spider webs across the path since it was early in the morning.  The parking area (all 3 spots) was a bit creepy too.  I did meet a nice young couple from Reno, NV.  The trail comes out on a street so I just walked back to the car that way.


Ring Park:


Gaia GPS App for hiking trails

This park was very nice with wide trails that follow the Hogtown creek.  Near the head of the trail Glen springs run into the creek with clear cool water and a small waterfall.



I wanted to cross the stream and there was a large fallen branch across it so I used that to cross.


I didn’t realize that the banks were pure clay!  Almost slipped down into the stream.

Very nice trail along the creek.  Lots of falling trees.


Devil’s Millhopper State Park:

Although this is a state park it is small and there is not a full time ranger.  There is a fee box.  The stairs to the bottom of the sink are being replaced so they are closed until next year (120 down..what a shame!) . So, we just walked the half mile hiking trail around the sink.

To Do:

  • Reinstall cross bars
  • Less other stuff! (as usual)
  • The hanging basket worked well and I added small bungees to secure it driving.
  • Don’t take the bike
    • I didn’t use it much and I can’t open the hatch without taking the bike off the cargo hitch.

Other preparations completed to get ready:

  • Washed, waxed the van and put rain-x on the windows
  • Additional battery for solar
  • Added suction cups to the reflectix on the back windows and the hatch
  • Replaced 12 v connection device and immersion water heater
  • Purchased soft sided storage at Aldi’s, believe it or not.  They are collapsible trunk storage bins
  • Added warm weather clothes/shoes/socks
  • Purchased a 12v electric blanket
  • Ensured account has enough money to auto pay bills for several months
  • Purchased car safe (fits under the seat and cable loops through car seat mechanism

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