Week 2- OH

Since we packed up and left early without eating, breakfast was on the agenda today. We made it to Ohio pretty quickly and I passed up numerous fast food places hoping to find a local eatery.

And that I did. The Yum Yum Dairy Diner in Ripley OH. They even had outside seating so Daisy could join me.

The food was great and reasonable and plenty of it.

We drove along the Ohio river

Birth place of Ulysses S. Grant

and then we stopped at a rest stop in New Richmond OH. Birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant. The park, highway and bridge were all named after him.

I had good reception so I worked on the blog.

After hitting the road again we took a side trip to the Wright brothers memorial and airfield.

It’s poring in this photo

nice museum, memorial and video. It started to pour while we were watching the video.

We went to visit the airfield anyway. Since it’s in the middle of an Airforce base it’s a bit of a tricky drive… in the rain.

Saw this along the way. Tried not to be obvious taking this photo.

Saulisberry Park and Campground

We did indeed make it to the campground at a decent hour even with various stops along the way. Including a grocery stop where I bought dinner and various other items. Kinda annoyed at myself for buying food out so much this first week but we drove through rain during the day and I figured it would continue. It stopped by the time we arrived.

I selected a spot a best I could but there weren’t any spots with tables that weren’t in the middle of the campground. As soon as I parked the neighboring “camper” Dave, offered to help me set up. I thanked him and said I was ok. He came over and we chatted and he introduced me to the “camper” on the other side as well, Lonnie and Candy. They all were clearly very settled and Dave said he stayed there from April til November.

The manger wasn’t there when I arrived but the gentleman smoking by the office ( right in front of the No Smoking sign with a number to report offenders!)

said to pay in the morning.

It rained in the night so I had to close the moonroof and windows. I left the hatch open as it didn’t rain that hard. I was going to cook breakfast but it started to sprinkle again so we ate cereal. I made instant coffee with my immersion water heater.

We got on the road early and planned to get to Conneaut, OH but something caught my attention and we headed that way for a side trip.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

We started kinda in the middle at the Boston Store Visitor center.

Took this out the sunroof. Explains the quality.

Saw the video and the museum and of course got my passport book stamped. In the video it talked about the park and the conflict that came about between the residents and the government when they wanted to make it a park. Some folks happily sold their land but not everyone wanted to sell. After all, their families had been there for generations. Guess you can’t blame. Anyway, I found that interesting and I guess they worked out a compromise because the park is nice and the wildlife are flourishing. Another fact that was stated was it took Irish and German immigrants 2 years to dig the 38 mile Erie/Ohio canal… by hand!!! Wow😳!

Beaver Marsh

Part of the restoration of the park included the beavers returning and building a damn to create a marsh where wildlife could thrive.

The trail is very nice and a boardwalk over the marsh which helped me get these photos.

And the flora…

You pass one of the lochs of the canal along the path.

Brandywine Falls

We next went to one of the falls. Not a long walk on a nice boardwalk. I’m still surprised how Daisy manages with only one eye.

You can also walk up and view the falls from above.

There are the remains of a gristmill there as well.

In the rush to leave that morning I still managed to throw some meat (I was pretty sure it was pork tenderloin) and veggies in the crockpot since I was going to be driving awhile. I had thrown a few frozen items in the cooler for the trip. This was the last of it. It’s nice to have dinner already and not have to worry about cooking after driving and sightseeing all day. I also stopped at a produce stand smack in the middle of the forest on the recommendation of Helen. One of the local ladies I met at the Beaver Marsh. She said they had the sweetest corn around. Well, we had been driving though many acres of corn fields so I thought I’d give it a try.

It did not disappoint! Daisy liked it too. She pretty much eats what I eat as long as it’s not bad for her. I try to fool her and mix some dog food in with it too. Lol

Evergreen Lake Campground

This campground is nice located in Conneaut, OH. Typical RV place with short timers and permanent or semi permanent folks too (more upper class than some I’ve seen). But I took a tent site. No water, no electric, no body (lol) but with my Passport America card it only cost $8. There is miniature golf and fishing/swimming pond too. The first price she have me was $32! I almost left!

Pasture on one side, woods in the back and the rest of the tent sites and the park to the front and other side.

I had guests for both dinner and breakfast.

I mapped my route out using an app entitled Roadtrippers. I really find it extremely useful. Campendium and Passport America were used to find campsites. Then I added notes to each stop in Roadtrippers about the campsites and the places I want to visit.

On the PA!!

I decided to narrow down my time frame of posts because I am having trouble with WordPress and connectivity. So, hopefully that means you’ll see posts more often.

Happy travels!

Daisy and I resting in the gazebo by the pond

6 thoughts on “Week 2- OH

  1. I’m so impressed by your sense of adventure, your journey and your blog. Come visit if you head north. My son is outside of Richmond, daughter in Atlanta, Nancy is in CT, her girls in NYC. I’ll give you contact info if you travel nearby any of them. I met a woman this summer who planned to spend the next 2 years traveling the country camping before she retires. She works remotely for a Chinese company. I wish I had gotten her contact info. Stay safe and happy trails!


  2. Hi Kit, Sounds like all is going well, rain or shine. I’m enjoying your photos. The water lilly was my fav. and the great blue heron. Crock pot dinner looked awesome. Is there enough for two dinners in there? It would be nice to have leftovers.


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