Week 2- PA & NY & The Falls

Well, 1700 miles, 336 photos, $196 for gas, $96 for camping, $28 for medical expenses, $22 in entertainment and 7 states later the first week is complete! It has been a blast. Of course I miss my family and friends but ya’ll are only a call, text or face time away! Hope you are enjoying the blog. It’s been a bit of a challenge and a little more time consuming than I anticipated. It, like everything else I’m getting into a groove with it. Sometimes I post in haste hoping it won’t crash so forgive the typos!! (Judy)

We got a late start because I wanted to tidy up and organise the van some. I also refilled my water jugs and drinking water.

We (I, because dogs were not allowed) also made another trip the Lake Erie. Someone asked me to pick up rocks for her….oh boy!!!

I also found this rock as I entered the boardwalk! How appropriate!



Allegheny National Forest

Google maps strikes again! I decided to go out of the way to this campsite and used the GPS coordinates to punch into google…

I had no phone service so I couldn’t check anything and it was getting late. I had driven 1.5 hours out of my way to get here so, who ever said I let a gate stop me?! I noticed that the lock was not locked sooooo…. I took it off and opened the gate and drove down the road. Now mind you, the sign did not reference the aforementioned campground. But what did they know? Google said it was here!

I ran into a fella at the ranger booth. He looked rather puzzled at my presence. After a conversation I found out that he was the camp host, Jerry, for the Dew Drop Rec Area on his last weekend awaiting his family to celebrate his wife’s 65th birthday! Hence, the dummy lock since the campground closed after Labor Day. Boy, was my face red! He was nice and directed me to the right campground. I ran into his family when I was leaving and wished his wife a happy birthday and then opened and closed the gate behind me, reinstating the dummy lock.

Red Bridge Rec Area

These sites are really nice. Mixed shade and sun as well as some on the water. There is a pay box as I had before. One thing Jerry reminded me of is that I pay half price with my National Park Pass. So, I paid $9 ($10 really because I didn’t have enough ones).

The temperature dropped quite a bit over night. Made the usual egg scramble with ham, cheese peppers and onions and of course coffee. I use a bowl cozy that was a gift. I love it!

Then we make our trek back the Erie, PA to drop something off. On the way we hit some sites (even though it was overcast).

Almost forgot the fish!

Even a historic powerhouse.

Presque Isle State Park

I was intrigued by this park as it is on a peninsula in Lake Erie.

We drove to the far north end. Passed by these gems on the way.

I think they are tucked away for the season.


Yes, theses dudes are surfing…

The north pier is cool there is an old lighthouse and dudes were surfing and para-boarding it was so rough. The wind had picked up and it was quite nippy. Had to wear my jacket!

Driving back down the peninsula there was a historic lighthouse that can be toured for $6, that is if you are not carrying a dog in carrier!

Good rules to live by… especially the last one.

Cinderella’s Campground and Motel

We made our way to Grand Isle NY by way of Buffalo with some detours thrown in for good measure.


I like bridges

They were quite busy but she gave me my assigned site #13, $35!!! And that is half price with the passport America (P. A.) card! I asked about tent sites and she said have a look at it first. Soooo, I drive around the corner and the RV’s are so close you could touch one from site to site with your outstretched arms and #13 was even smaller then that w/o a table or a fire ring!!

The tent sites were on the other side, nice and secluded in a grassy area. Just a few tables and fire rings but there wasn’t anyone else there so I drove back and told her I wanted a tent site. She’s like “ok, I’ll give you a break and give it to you for the $35…😳😳. Apparently P. A. Card does not apply to tent sites!! WOW!

No screens, no open windows and no fan!

This campground is super close to Niagara and the rainbow bridge to Canada and I reread my email confirmation for my Canadian campsite and they don’t allow pets… sooo. I cancelled that reservation. It was $43/night so I guess I saved some money.

Niagara Falls

Started out late because I wanted to be there after dark. Little bit chaotic upon arrival but parked for $10. Then bought a discovery pass $46. Cha-ching.

Went on the Maid of the Mist first. Yes we got wet, well I did.

Then took in the movie.

Then on to the Cave of the Wind where we got these lovely sandals.

It was crazy. Like a hurricane!

Met a nice kid, Jan, from Czech Republic. He is in med school and was here traveling the NE foe a couple of weeks. Also met Naveen. We walked to the 3 sister islands together and road the trolley back to the parking lot. He was visiting with his brother and family. He lived in CT. Had nice conversations with both fellas.

I so wanted to climb the rail and walk down to the water… but I didn’t. Naveen pointed the sign out that prohibits it and states you will be prosecuted.

We stuck it out until sunset and the lights were turned on at the falls.

With the turn in weather and the overall hassle of entering Canada as well as the expense I opted to head west earlier than planned. That’s the beauty of traveling alone. I can make last minute changes.

Going west…

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