Heading West-ish…

The weather really had me down. We saw the American side of the falls because I was unable to locate the email with Daisy’s records. I loved the falls but the commercialism was over the top. So we headed west earlier than I planned which is fine. I was determined to get out of the overcast skies and rain. We took a few side trips along the way.

Lake Erie Community Park

Found this sign interesting. I don’t know if the missing rule was intentional or an act of vandalism

It used to read “NO Weapons or firearms”

A lighthouse in the rain.

Sugar Shack

Loved this little shop. She had the coolest things and some ladies had stopped there coming back from a craft show that went bust due to weather. I bought a shower scrubby from them. They were selling items to the shop keeper to sell in her store.

I stopped to buy maple syrup.

Lake Erie Community Park

There are so many little parks along the road by the lakes. I am very thankful for them as we stop to eat, stretch our legs, walk on the beach and pick up rocks… I’m addicted!

The Octagon House

Located in Conneaut OH, it was built in 1860 by David Cummins, who owned a canning company.

Conneaut Creek Covered Bridge

Creek Road Covered Bridge

Fresh Eggs

Along the way I spotted a sign for fresh eggs so I stopped a bought a dozen.

I had an ambitious drive planned had a campground in mind. Not wanting to get too far off the beaten path but also not wanting to spend too much money. It was still raining off and on so cooking was going to be difficult. I set out to find a local place to eat. Using the phone which did not prove to be reliable. After finding one place closed I headed back south and saw a place I thought was closed earlier. I went in to order something to go and asked by chance if Daisy could come in. They said no problem! So I had a great burger and a beer. It was late so we headed to the campground.

Lily of the Valley Campground (aka Richards)

The name in the Campendium app was “Richards” in Thompson, OH.

It sure wasn’t much to look at but the hosts were super nice. Lily, the campgrounds namesake, was about 8 years old and when her mom was busy upon my arrival proceeded to begin checking me in including paperwork on Daisy (first time I had to so that). The gentleman escorted me to my campsite on an ATV pointing out the boathouse as he whizzed by it coming to a halt at a soggy, muddy patch of ground with a fire ring in it. The neighbouring “camper” had 3 tents set up. When I spoke with him briefly he said that one was his daughters and that they would moving to a mini house next week for $400/month. He was a drywall hanger.

I did not unload anything. We cleaned up, dropped the curtains and went to sleep. I heard the neighbour leave early, got up, ate cereal and headed out. Before I left though I gave the manager the carpet that was gifted to me and told him to give it to Joe as a housewarming gift (hope the givers don’t mind!). It was taking too much room up in the van and I figured they could use it.

Hidden Lake Park

This was a very nice with a fire pit with seating and everything. Even loaner life jackets!


Finally, I saw some blue skies!!

Jackson Street Pier

I was so happy to see the sun! I stopped at the fishing pier in Sandusky, OH.

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

I think the wildlife was taking refuge some place else..

Welcome to Michigan

This is why the title to this post is “West-ish”. Because we’re headed for the Upper Peninsula of MI.

Tawas Point State Park

Interesting wooden sculptures in the park

After driving through many, many miles of corn fields, pastures, vineyards, big cities, small towns I chose to drive the shoreline. So many beautiful spots.

Tawas Point Light Station

Ossineke State campground

Wilderness State Campground

Kinda out of the way and spread out but nice. Sites were close and they were doing construction on one white section of the campground that was on the water so I was in the more remote one but it had a shower which was my main goal.

Day 15 &16 The Upper Peninsula of MI

Another bridge!

Sticky bun!!! Yummy!!!

Passed this on our way north!

Monocle Lake Campground

Really nice sites. Some on the lake. Mostly shaded with picnic tables, fire ring and lantern stand. I chose a site that had about a 25 yard path to the lake.

Planned to stay 2 nights and organise, rest and use the kayak.

Whitefish Bay Lighthouse

Cute lighthouse that overlooks Whitefish bay off Lake Superior and Canada.

And the beach



From the light house.

Staffed by volunteers who are always eager to share a story. Gully was my favourite. He recommended the below restaurant.

Wilcox’s Fish house seafood restaurant

They said the whitefish was good and it was the special so, that’s what I ordered. Daisy was able to join me.

Sam, the waitress to a customer who asked if the fish was fried or broiled, “ no EVERYTHING is fried here”. Women after my heart. Lol

Monocle Lake

Kayaking after breakfast.

First time I bathed in a lake (no photos, thank God!)

Thought it was a novel idea but no less than 3 others did the same thing!

First fire since we left. Purchased wood on the reservation. Cooked the last of my hamburger. Was pretty good.

Lake Superior

Short rest stop at one of the many roadside parks for photo op and to check since we didn’t cell service for the last two days.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Very nice park with a shop and snack bar. Short walk to the falls. You can rent a boat to get a better look. We could see just fine. There was also hiking of course. Met quite a few dogs there. Had some ice cream too and ate a snack in the car.

Upper Falls

Here there was a brewery and a restaurant. We skipped. Oath of those and headed down the short hike to the falls. About a 1/4 mile…and 93 steps down.

State Forest Campground Kingston Lake

I had heard about the place from two different folks. I knew it was in the state forest but did not see any signs for it. Luckily, I had a cell signal for a short while to map a route with Google maps. I followed this route and even stopped at another campground to check it out just in case. But kept on going and sure enough a few miles before I got to the campground there was a sign.

Typical state campsite but roomy and private. I chose site 10 near the privy and on the water.

Another criteria for me is that it me fairly flat as I don’t have any leveling devices. Sunny is good too but typically I arrive late and leave in the morning so much of my solar gathering is while driving or parked at various stops.

So, that was a lot. I was out of cell service for 3 days so nothing could get worked on.

I lost my floor mat. Must have fallen off my cargo hitch…bummer.

Next Pictured Rocks National Seashore!

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      1. I look forward to reading about your adventures and seeing the beautiful pictures. I’ve noticed all the bridges you crossed. 🙂 They do seem to have 3 lanes, though, so I could always drive across on the middle lane! LOL!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!

    On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 7:12 PM Van Travel W/Daisy wrote:

    > kitschuman posted: “The weather really had me down. We saw the American > side of the falls because I was unable to locate the email with Daisy’s > records. I loved the falls but the commercialism was over the top. So we > headed west earlier than I planned which is fine. I was de” >


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