Fort Wilkins State Park Copper Harbor MI

Drove up here just to see this. I am currently sitting on top of Brockway mountain because otherwise I don’t have a signal.

Was a nice drive. Bonus was that they had washer/dryers!!! Even washed the sheets. Met a nice fella Jerry and his dog Bubba J from MI. Newly purchased travel trailer. We talked a lot and he shared his fire with me so I could make s’mores! Also had hot chocolate since the temperature had dropped significantly and the wind picked up AND it was overcast…my favorite 😝.

Showed the van off to a couple of other dudes but didn’t get there names. One had rented a Campervan and one had a 2010 Odyssey.

Had made chicken and rice in the crockpot. Shoulda monitored it better. It was mushy and crunchy (some rice didn’t cook). I’d call it crunchy with goo, a family joke about my dads eggs. Lol. It still tasted good and that good because we’ll be eating it for awhile.

Don’t have an after photo.

On the way we stopped at one of those famous roadside parks.

It was super rough on Lake Superior this day.

Another bridge!

There is an actual fort on the property along with hiking and biking trails and a really nice gift/convenience shop. I learned that they are independently owned.

The lighthouse overlook.

More rocks. Much larger.

Here is a blast of fort photos. Not the forts I’m used to such as Fort Matanzes.

Actual copper mines are on the property

Many buildings.


The store.

Officers quarters.

The jail
Jail cell

The grounds.

Here’s the campsite. No need for screens or to open windows except for a crack for condensation. It was in the low 50’s. We were warm though.

It was on lake Fanny. Very nice bathhouse!

Drove up Brockway mountain overlook.

Wonderful. Will be spectacular in a few weeks. Just a touch of fall.

Can see copper harbor, Lake Superior and eagle harbor.

There as a lookout on the drive up that was a great view of Copper Harbor.

Headed down the mountain now. Figured I’d post more often if possible. Headed to eagle harbor then towards WI. Not sure where!

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