Goodbye UP, hello WI, MN

Leaving Copper Harbor and Brockway mountain we made a few stops driving down highway M26 along the shore.

Eagle Harbor Light Station

We could see Eagle Harbor from the Brockton mountain lookout.

The grounds were nice and I met I nice father and son from Ontario. The son took the photo of us.

The obligatory oil house.

These are from the light station tower and second floor of the house but it is an active station and the actual light housing is not open to the public.

It was cool that the spiral staircase in the tower also led to the basement and the second floor of the house.

Cat Harbor

Had to get a photo of this just because of the name.

Jacob’s Falls

Saw this kinda random waterfall right on the side of the road.

Spoke with a lady there and noticed her friend rummaging in the weeds poking up rocks. I asked her what her friend was doing and she said looking for rocks. They are a part of the Michigan geological and mineral society. I said cool! Can you look at a rock for me and she said sure. I suspected it was an agate and she confirmed it!! She said that some of the other rocks I have would look nice polished and told me where to get a rock polisher. Guess what I want for Christmas? β˜ƒοΈπŸŽ„πŸŽ

Calmuet Keweenaw National Historical Park

Really nice place. Pretty much the whole town is the park.

Inside the visitor center.

Lots of cool buildings.

Italian Hall

There was a short film at the visitors center about this site. You can read the historical marker but basically someone yelled “FIRE!” during a Christmas party and 73 people died trying to get out. The hall was eventually abandoned and torn down which made people realize that they needed to preserve these old buildings. They hold a vigil every Christmas Eve lighting 73 candles in memory of those that died.

Wood n’ Spoon

Stopped at a bakery and bought some homemade bread, thimbleberry jam and triple apricot cookies. It was called the Wood n’ Spoon. Very nice fella owned the place and like most places up here will be closing in a month. I asked him what he does all winter and he said “make jam and jelly”. That’s a lot of jam and jelly!

He sells it online (see link above). Cool store too.

It I had seen signs for “hot pasties”. Didn’t know what it was. Thought maybe a sweet. I asked the shop keeper at Fort Wilkins. She described them as a shepherds pie in dough. I bought one this morning. I’ll let you know how it is.

Quincy Mine

It was getting late. I had dilly dallied a lot. But I stopped to take photos in the rain anyway even though they were closed. Would have liked to go in this one!

Bergland Township Park

Choose this place because of the price.

It sits on lake Gogibec. I was surprised to find it had water/electric all sites a “modern” bathroom (that means flush toilets) and a shower! For $12.00. The rain was setting in so I unpacked nothing. Ate PB&J, cleaned up and went to sleep.

It was misty and overcast in the morning. Stopped at the Italian restaurant and got coffee and headed for WI with some stops along the way.

Bergland Heritage Center and Museum

I didn’t have to go far for the first stop. It was closed for the season as a lot of places are up here.

Lake Gogebic State Park

I happened upon this park because Garmin does NOT know when roads are closed. I turned to detour and this was on the way. A very small park on the lake. It was very nasty, wet and cold outside so we just took a quick driving tour. I think there is a campground.


Briefly made a trip through WI.

Nice view driving over the hilltop.

Bayview Park in Ashland, WI

Stopped to stretch our legs.

It’s on the Chequamegan bay in the western part of Lake Superior.

Maslowski Beach

I don’t know if it was the weather stirring up the surf or if it always looks like this but the water was orange looking. No rocks either. Just orange/red sand. Nice parks though.

Apostle Islands National Shoreline visitors center

It was full on rain now. They were having a meeting in the theater so,

no video 😒. I did get my book stamped and the young ranger was helpful. Despite the name I guess I didn’t realize that this park was made up almost exclusively of islands…duh!

All boats canceled due to weather.

Grade 3 Fresnel lense (for lighthouses)

Apostle islands – Little Sand Bay

Meyers Beach

These two spots plus the visitor center are the parts of the park on the mainland.

Parking fee $5. Annual pass only covers entrance fees but the ranger let me get out and take a few photos. Lots of driftwood.

Artesian well in Cornucopia

The ranger at the visitor center told me about this. It’s not well marked so I had to ask a sheriff’s deputy that happened to be parked nearby. I was stoked! There was a guy there with his dog that drove 30 miles to get water. Must be good!

Stopped at a roadside park for lunch. The surf was rough but you can where it had been rougher with many trees down.

Davidson Windmill

How random is this to find a windmill along side the road! Bummer it was closed I’ve never been in a windmill before.

Banning State Park

We made it to MN. No sign to herald our arrival though. Very nice state park sign. Little confusing on the self pay signup so I called the number. Site w/o electric is $23. I chose a site by the bathroom. Few other campers in spite of the weather.

This was the greeting partyHad to where my rubber boots to the bathroom!

Got up early and decided to check out the rest of the park even though it was cold and misty.

Blueberry Slide Trail

There are rapids on the Kettle river. Some of which are called “Hells Gate”. Pretty sure I don’t want to experience those rapids!

That speck is an eagle.

Curious stone pillars were erected on the one bend. It reminded me of the verses in the Bible where people were commanded to build alters to God.

So I built one too.

We were cold, especially Daisy so we headed back to the van and on our way. I had to pay for the campsite first. It was $23. And the rec fee, $7. It was good all day so we stopped at another state park.

Interstate State Park

Reportedly glaciers made potholes.

Really cool river, the St. Croix, with a paddle boat!

Made some other stops.

Lake Pepin

Very large lake. We drove along it for awhile.

Crossed the Mississippi River.


A good portion of the drive today was along the Mississippi and it was beautiful. Saw lots of house boats. Even a “Botel”! Lol

Misted and rained and was even sunny some today but never got above 60 degrees. Stopped at a thrift shop and bought some thick socks and Daisy two sweaters. She went to bed early because she was cold.

Made it to Iowa. Will be here a couple of days.

Until next time! Don’t forget to comment!

6 thoughts on “Goodbye UP, hello WI, MN

  1. Super cool pics of the orange sand beach. It is so cool that you found some agate. Some of those can be gem quality. Hence the Christmas present, rock polisher. My grand parents traveled all over the US in their travel trailer and LOVED collecting rocks every where. They used a rock polisher. It was amazing how cool and sparkling they were after. Have fun and be safe!


  2. Will have to check out the rock polisher idea.I wonder what it is that compels people to pick up rocks.Hmmm. Some pretty cool places/ photos here. The camp sites looked nice too. I would like to see the agate photo too.
    Travel on.


  3. Really enjoy reading & viewing your blog
    Not sure I ever told you, l was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.I was only there short time as baby. Always have wanted to visit the state. πŸ˜ŠπŸš™
    You are so adventurous & brave!!!


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