Mount Rushmore

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little behind in my posting. I’ve been having issues with connectivity and crashing sites. So I am trying to post shorter posts to see if that helps.

As I mentioned , in the last post “South Dakota-Most of it…” it snowed all the way to Mount Rushmore and the entire time we were there. It was beautiful and cold but more importantly it made me nervous! I did not want to get caught in snow on a mountain pass headed to the west coast so I had this overwhelming sense of urgency to get there quickly.

But first, enjoy Mount Rushmore National Monument.

There were quite a few people there even with this weather.

People often offer to take our photo.

I’m from Florida and I still haven’t pulled out my real coat yet. Wonder where they’re from?

Something special about sculpting each face.

More from the museum and how it was sculpted.

I had taken this photo as I entered the park. I found it amusing that the snow was on his head like a beret or a toupee.

As I was leaving there was a couple standing in front of the bust and the snow was no longer on its head. I asked the fella if it knocked it off or it fell off and he answered it fell and he was disappointed because he wanted the shot with the snow.

I told him I had it and would share it so I did. His email was ended in so I asked him about it. Come to find out he, Aaron AKA Slim builds the effigy for burning man! AND his girlfriend Fiamma AKA F-bomb (means fire in Italian) blows up the effigy!!! They have “handles” so there is no confusion on the walkers during the event. They said there are 80,000 attendees and it cost $500 to attend. If you volunteer you attend for no cost. He told me about the different types of things to do.

How cool is that? They sent me some photos of this years event.


Fiamma is the second figure from the left.

Wind Cave National Park

We basically just drove through here as Daisy was not allowed in the cave. I did get some photos of critters.

Belle Fourche Reservoir Campground

Basically this was a cleared gravel area with a vault toilet. There was a nice creek/river that ran along one side. Another side was a residence up on a hill, the back was a grassy area with a trail to the small dam and the fourth side was the road. I parked on the concrete pad as there wasn’t anyone else around.

Next a skip through Wyoming and on to Montana. Little Big Horn then Yellowstone (which is in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho).

3 thoughts on “Mount Rushmore

    1. Yes it’s been frustrating. Trying not to sweat it and enjoy myself. Yeah I’m surprised about the folks I meet. Not bad for an introvert! Of course I get plenty of recharge time !!!


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