Little Big Horn National Battlefield

We made it Montana and took a detour to visit here.

These are from the museum.

Then there is an outside walking portion and a driving portion.

There are many stops along the drive. I think it’s about 5 miles.

At one point on the drive you go through private property. The horses didn’t seem to mind.

There aren’t many trees but what’s there is changing.

We planned to go to a state park near Billings, MT. It was late and raining once again so I got a hotel. The one I called was reasonable but when I saw it I passed it up. I think it was called the “Las Vegas Inn”. Shoulda known huh?

I spotted a billboard for another one with a similar price that sounded nice ” Western Inn”. It was nice so there we stayed. I washed clothes took a shower and was able to use WiFi. However, still had trouble with blog…hence the delay.

Anyway, good thing we didn’t camp. We awoke to freezing rain and… you guessed it, it turned to…

SNOW! ❄️❄️❄️

Next is Pictograph Cave State Park.

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