Grand Teton

Honestly Grand Teton was not on my list but it is literally right south of Yellowstone. And I loved it!

So we entered the park from the North and and got our first views of the peaks.

Lewis Falls

And sites along the way.

Chapel of the Sacred Heart

This was a cute rustic chapel along the way with a lovely view and beautiful stained glass window. Difficult to get a photo due to the reflections.

Signal Mountain Summit and sites along the way

The drive is very narrow, steep and windy but the view of the valley is beautiful. Got to see some wildlife too!

I wondered why my cell service was so good…ohhhhh …. signal mountain! And saw a grouse!

Jenny Lake Scenic Drive

There is a nice succinct list of “must sees” for Grand Teton. This was on the list and worth it.

Grand Teton Visitor Center

Winding down the day I had planned to stay in the park one of the campgrounds. On my way through National Elk Refuge I saw a sign for National Forest campgrounds. On the way down the 6 mile gravel road we stopped to site see.

Gros Ventre Slide

Basically, a huge section of the mountain broke loose and slide down the mountain, into the valley and partially up the other side. Leaving a huge debris field and damming the river creating the Lake.

Atherton Creek Campground

It was the off season so the campground, normally $15, was free. The water was turned off and there were only vault toilets. I met a nice couple who also had a van camper a Transit. They shared a lot of good information. They had been full time since July.

Part of the road went through a horse ranch so these guys were there in the morning as we passed back through.

Next, over Teton pass on to Idaho!

Craters of the Moon here we come!

2 thoughts on “Grand Teton

  1. I really enjoyed my time in the Tetons too. The day I left saw a double rainbow, didn’t want to leave. Just gorgeous those mountains and golden leaves! 🙂


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