Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

Saw miles and lines of hay fields along the way and through Idaho.

The drive to Idaho and Craters was long and tedious. But man when you get close and see the landscape it’s amazing. I was thinking to myself “this is Idaho?”

We checked in at the Visitor Center got the obligatory passport stamp and sticker and planned the day. We watched the film and had decided to camp at the park. When else will we be able to sleep among lava! And I didn’t want to make that drive again that day. We waved our National Park pass (saved another $10) and selected a campsite. It was super windy so I tried to find one that was shielded from the wind.

You realize why it’s called Craters of the Moon. NASA actually trained here before the moon launches!

Devil’s Orchard Trail

Very cool colours from the lichen.

Rabbit prints in the cement? About the right size for Daisy.

The hike up this cinder mound was pretty difficult and just when I thought we were at the top… we had another 100 yards or so to go!

The ground was black but shimmered in the sun. It was really cool and the view was awesome (after I recovered!)

Lava flow is obvious here in the above photo. Camped in among the lava rocks. How cool! It was super windy but I managed. Rain in the morning but just drizzle. Cooked anyway.

I highly recommend visiting Craters of the Moon!

Next Montana!

4 thoughts on “Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

  1. Barren, but very cool-looking! Daisy looks so tiny from above-and looks like she is cold! Happy traveling. Can’t wait for the Montana pics.


  2. It’s been on my list for a while, can’t wait to visit it one day. Just such unreal landscape. Good job, that was a hike. It you pass through NM they have some lava flow areas too, which I was surprised to see.


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