Montana and a little more Idaho

We skirted through Montana on our way to Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Craters of the Moon. Now we drove straight from Idaho to Polson Montana. We stayed on a friends property. Daisy made a new friend.

I was able to get some “housekeeping” things done like get an oil change on the van who, by the way, I have named “Silver”.

While that was being done Daisy and I hung out at Finley Point State Park.

There were tons of spiders in the rocks on the shore of Flathead lake. 😳 After waking up to a cloudy day and driving all day in rain the day before we just enjoyed the sunny day and collected more rocks.

The next day was cloudy but we hiked up to top of the property and went to see dock they rent and swim at in summer. Beautiful rocks!!

We had a very restful 2 days then continued our journey west.

Symes Hot Spring Hotel & Mineral Baths

We stopped on Hot Springs Montana and for $5 was able to get a mineral bath. It smelled slightly like sulphur and was super hot out of the tap. You had to mix cool water with it to tolerate the temperature. I chose the private bath but there are three outdoor pools in decreasing temperature from 120° F.

Round up!

I was very relaxed, warm and clean after leaving the hot springs. Then happened upon this.

The fella directing traffic motioned for me to go ahead (through the cows) and yelled ” just drive slow”. I said ” ah, no thanks, I’ll wait”. Lol

There are many of these signs of historical significance throughout Montana.

I found this nice campground that was quiet and inexpensive. My site was right on the water.

We passed back through Idaho again (who knew Idaho had a panhandle? Certainly not the geographically challenged).

Wake? Where’s the water?

What state is next? You got it, Washington!!!

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