I often see funny signs or things while I am driving.  I don’t often get the opportunity to snap a photo.  Sometimes the subject warrants me making a “U” turn and getting the shot.

Stormin’ Normin Shipfaced Saloon

Fort Spokane

The vistor center was closed for the season but we walked the grounds and read the placards.

The grounds were pretty large with parade fields and barracks ect.

At one time it was used as a school.

we completes our walk around the grounds. We entered the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area to locate our campground.

It was fairly cold and not too many campers present.  Just a few hardy fishermen. There were flush toilets and running water.

We even had some after dinner guests.

Sites along the way.

Grand Coulee Dam

I decided to take a side trip to see the Grand Coulee Dam. I am so glad I did. We saw so many other interesting sights in addition to the the dam.

In he visitor center they had a hour long movie that that was very informative. It really helped form the basis for many of the sites I was to see as my journey continued.

Has to get a close up of the Florida bottle!

I love to read about and see displays about native Americans. I personally think their should be more.

Some more sites along the way. Including one of my first more significant rock formations.

Dry Falls

As we we were driving west we happened upon the state park. It was super cool and also had a series of 2 minutes movies about the park that built on the dam movie. We didn’t actually go down into the park but the view from the visitor center was amazing.

The guy working in the gift shop and visitor center was very nice and helpful. Here are some photos from the center.

After pointing out the petrified wood case the guy mentioned a park further west with petrified trees.

More shots from the rim of the canyon. They had a cool hangover walkway. Gingko Petrified Forest State Park

And we found it! It is a self guided tour with numbered trees and placards that tell you what type of tree it is. I think there is about 20 trees and we saw 13 of them as it is a bit of a hike and it had been raining all day. The trees were protected by fencing. I figured out how to photograph through the fencing.

I would have liked to touch it though.

On the way down the highway through Washington I found a “campground”. After driving down a gravel road with huge potholes the google map said I “arrived”. I had seen other campers along the road in tent in the woods. This was a bit off the road and as I drove in there was a travel trailer with chairs, a generator ect there with no one in site. I parked and settled in expecting someone to arrive and no one showed all night. We got up early-ish and continued on our journey. I experimented with cooking or at least hearing water inside the van again being extremely careful to crack the sliders.

Snoqualimie Falls

It continued to rain and again not to be daunted we forged on and visited another thing on my list of places. The parking is across the street so you have to walk over a covered walkway.

Admission is free and there are hiking trails to the bottom of the ravine but due to the rain and cold we did not take advantage of these.

Another bridge!

Iron Horse State Park

As we left the falls and headed towards Oregon I spotted a sign for this park. We ate lunch and took a short hike.

When I saw “tunnel” I thought it was like just under a road. We started to walk through and it was clear this was a significantly long tunnel. I pulled out my flashlight and the batteries were dead. Must have gotten clocked on in my bag! I attempted to use my cellphone flashlight and it was just not sufficient. I didn’t feel comfortable continuing soooo we turned around.

Thorp Mill

Another side trip! I didn’t see the place the first time I passed it. It was closed for the season as many things are in this neck of the woods this time of year. But, once again we wandered the grounds and read the placards. I love mills. Probably because they are always on the water. Drove over this bridge looking for the mill. Apparently I love bridges too. Again, probably because they are usually over water and the engineering is awesome.

It didn’t take long to walk the grounds.

South to East Oregon

Next is OREGON!

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