Oregon Part 1

Lovely sky on the way to Oregon. Nice Cottage

I was able to stay at a friends cottage, Judy and Ray.  They were so nice and offered wonderful hospitality. Judy is amazing at canning, drying food and cooking and so down to earth. Ray runs the farm, flies ultralights and paraflyers! As well as ATV’s and a side by side.  They have a motor home and they visit Arizona every year.

Heritage Station Museum

My friend, Daisy, her grandson and I took a day trip to Pendleton OR. We weren’t able to see the underground because they didn’t allow children under 6. Didn’t make sense to me. But, we found this little museum.

Hermiston is where my friend is from and where I stayed.

I had never heard of Pendleton shirts.

I’m pretty sure I would not want to be subjected to this contraption for the sake of beauty. Reminds me of bugs bunny and the barber of Seville. Lol

I couldn’t figure out what this was til I read the placard.

The museum continues outside.

A little conductor

The homestead

Hat Rock

I had never seen a dike before. Not what expected. I met a family fishing here. I asked the little boy if he caught any fish. He said yes and his mom said it was the ugliest fish she ever saw. She showed me a photo. I agreed!

The Schwatz’s

We weren’t able to visit too much but it was great to see them!

It was wonderful to see old friends, meet new ones and kinda get off the road for a bit. I was also able to clean out the van and wash clothes.

I was antsy to get on the road again though and left after 3 nights. We continued east in Oregon and that’s up next!

2 thoughts on “Oregon Part 1

  1. Cool museum! I used to love little places like that. Daisy looks cute in her Studebaker, and I bet she enjoyed being in the cottage for a few days. I also have to say that toilet in the museum looked like it would be mighty cold to sit on! And looking at the homestead I am glad I was not a pioneer woman. 🙂


    1. I have been exposed to a variety of toilets. Including stainless and porcelain without a seat. That was cold!
      Thanks again for faithfully reading. Sorry I’m sooooo slow!


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