Oregon Part 2

Pendleton Underground

My friend and I didn’t get a chance to see the underground so I returned the next day and was able to take the tour with Daisy.

It starts with a short film and the guide gives you a little history and our guide was really funny.

The tour starts on the sidewalk outside and proceeds to, you got it, the underground. Built by Chinese brought over under false pretences much of the activity that occurred was illegal. Saloons, gambling, and opium dens.

Other businesses used the underground to move and store goods such as The Empire Meat Company.

The prism glass offered light from the above sidewalk into the dark corridors of the underground.

Other businesses on the tour were originally at street level but reproduced underground. The candy shop, ice cream shop and the meat market.

The brothels were very prevalent as well and this was the most famous madame and her home and place of business, The Cosy Rooms. It included a chapel since her “girls” weren’t welcome in church.

The girls had work rooms and private rooms which was not usual. They also had indoor plumbing. There were secret doors in case of a raid the customers could leave before the police could identify them.

We continued by going back underground to the Chinese living quarter. It included a jail which often was used for protection by locking themselves inside.

The girls would attract the attention the of the men below by throwing buttons out the windows. The railings had the spikes on them to deter the men from climbing up to the windows.

Artifacts found in the underground and the designation the informs people that there is some under the sidewalk.

A museum is upstairs as well as a gift shop.

Catherine Creek State Park

I wanted to visit this campground only due to its name. It did have nice reviews however.

The sites were nice and the creek was beautiful. It was cold and breezy but our dinner guests didn’t seem to mind.

In the morning we we took a short walk.

Judy had cooked peppered bacon for breakfast. When I went to the grocery store before leaving Pendleton I found some and cooked it for breakfast!

Not wanting to take the highway back I decided to take the “scenic route” through the National Forest and over the mountain. I stopped and asked a local if I was likely to encounter snow and was assured that even if there was snow the roads would be clear.

Wallowa-Whitman National Forest-Anthony Lake

The “scenic route” to the coast. We did encounter snow in Anthony Lake.

We had a bit of fun in the snow and took a walk. I parked right at the entrance because I didn’t want to drive on the snowy and icy road of the campground.

We walked by the lake being careful not to slip on the ice and snow.

As we left the campground we turned left to continue west and quickly discovered that the snowplow didn’t visit the section of the road! It was too late. I couldn’t turn around safely so continued on quite frightened it determined.

I successfully made it down past the snow line and we stopped at a couple places. Saw these guys too and some elk but they were way to fast to photograph.

Bridge Creek Wildlife Area

Didn’t see any wildlife but it was a nice walk none the less.

Three Mile Canyon-Quesnel Park

This is a free campground right on the Columbia River and off highway 84. There were a few campers there and it was a bit uneven by the river but a great place with vault toilets.

Sights along the way

Multnomah Falls

This place was on my list. I missed the exit going west because it was on the left and backed up into the highway. The parking for the falls is in between the east and west bound lanes. I had to drive quite a ways to find an exit that I could re-enter the highway going east. I finally found one and drove east only to find out that there was a sign that said the parking lot was full! I could see there were spots in the parking lot, so I was confused. I drove East until I could turn around again and lo and behold the traffic once again was backed up into the highway but not closed. The traffic was backed up because people were waiting to park on the right-hand side of the parking lot when they were clearly spot on the left-hand side which is where I parked.

There is a bit of a walk under the eastbound traffic lane to the falls and the shop.

As the sign said, “one of the most visited places in Oregon”

It was a nice fall and not a very long or strenuous hike. All the other trails were closed due to fire damage. This is also why the west bound entrance was closed. It would have been nice to have a sign to that effect.

Paradise Point State Park

I decided to stop here for the night. The ranger was very nice the campground was ok but did not live up to its name. The showers used tokens that you purchase from the ranger.

Next Mount St. Helen

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