Oregon Part 4-The Coast

Our first stop was a state park on the coast. Saw this sign on the way there, there’s a first time for everything!

Fort Stevens State Park

I really wanted to see the Pacific ocean so we stopped at this park. It was a bit of a drive and we first saw the Columbia River.

Of course this is actually the Columbia River. Not the pacific. Cool to see the ships.

i’m not sure if this bunker is for hunting or four wildlife viewing. I thought it was a little strange.

Shipwreck Beach

This was on the Pacific Ocean.

I had to put my tors in the water!

Not only do I like bridges but tunnels fascinate me too (except when they are miles long).

Many, many stops along the highway.

I stopped at the overlook and met a couple traveling in a van. They had stayed the night at the overlook and they mentioned that they had seen whales. So sure enough, we walked over to the Overlook and in just a minute we saw several whales.

As we drove down the coast there were various overlooks to stop at to take in the incredible view of the Pacific coast.

Thor’s Well

This was something that was on my list of things to see. However when I arrived at the location there was no mention of this particular do you geological feature. The area was beautiful and the ocean meeting the coast was very dramatic.

Spouting Horn

This feature was mentioned and was pretty awesome to see. I even went back in the morning when the tide was high just to get again.

I finally found it! I mentioned it to another onlooker and they pointed out the Thor’s Well to me. Then I was on able to help others locate it. In the first photo in the upper right hand corner the water is shooting out of the well. And the other photos it is draining down into the well from the rock formation.

Spouting Horn in action.


There are so many stops along the shore with spectacular views. As you can see it was a bit foggy this morning. From here we headed in land to Crater Lake.

One thought on “Oregon Part 4-The Coast

  1. Kit,
    I am following your story and loving it!
    When are you due back in Florida?
    Just in case internet is not easily found during the next few days, have a very Merry Christmas!


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