California-Part 1: Redwoods, Fern Valley and more

I really loved the Oregon coast I was looking forward to continuing down the coast of California. Of course the first day was a white out!

Ruby Van Deventer County park

This park was close to my destination the next day and inexpensive. It took me a bit to figure out the deal but I did and found a spot close to the river. It was Saturday night and there were a lot of folks there partying so that wasn’t the best and a girl that was living there. She had a pretty sad story but she had 5 gallon bucket of rocks and they were beautiful! She loves rocks as much is I do or more!

There was a redwood right in the park!

Redwood State and National Parks

BIG trees!!

Good this Daisy can’t read!! Lol

As you can probably imagine the park is rather large and contains two state parks, Jedediah Smith Redwoods & Del Norte Coastal Redwoods state parks, within the national park. These are some sites driving from one section to another.

Scenic beach drive

These were bunkers that contained firepower and the buildings disguised as farm houses.

Banana slug

There was an outlook at the end of this drive and who should I meet there but the same two couples from Australia that I met in Oregon at Cape Blanca. They came to the US for three months trip which started in Tennessee. They purchased two vans and converted them for camping and have been on this journey. It was so funny to meet them again. I was going to camp with them having planned to camp close by for $35, free sounded a whole lot better. But they moved on so I stuck with my original plan.

Kamp Klamath

I found the campground without difficulty and when I went to check in they accepted passport America so the price was only $17.50! There weren’t any picnic tables at the sites which I thought was weird. I learned they had put them away for the season and inadvertently gave me a set without one. I made due of course since I had my table.

When I checked out I noticed that they had chickens on the grounds and even in the office! I asked if they had eggs and they did so I was able to buy the only four that they had for a dollar. Found the drive through redwood. So cool!!

They called this tree the goose pen because the pioneers would heard fowl into the tree to capture them.

Scenic Road through the redwoods

I really loved the drive through the redwoods.  We were able to get a great view of the trees. 

Gold Bluffs Beach

When we went through the ranger check station they mentioned that there was a creek to drive through that had about 5-7″ of water.  I thought “that doesn’t sound so bad” so I drove on down the rough dirt dodging potholes until I reached the creek.

I watched a couple of trucks and cars drive through the creek to see what that best approach would be and then just went for it! 

Fern Canyon

At the end of the adventurous drive was Fern Canyon where Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial were filmed.  The hike is beautiful but you will not stay dry unless you remember your rubber boots (I had left mine in the van)! Folks that gone before had attempted to create paths in the creek with large stones and branches.  It took a great deal of balance to traverse these makeshift paths, especially with carrying Daisy on my back.

The canyon certainly lived up to its name so many ferns. And so beautiful.

Big Lagoon County Park

I found this park to camp at and selected a site near the water.  I was surprised to read this sign.

Here is the beach in action, no I didn’t turn my back on it.

I don’t think they read the sign. Looks like a whole lotta wood collecting going on here!

The drive along the coast is indeed beautiful but VERY curvy! Slow going for this Florida girl especially trying to see the sites.

Next up is glass beach!

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