California- Part 2 Glass Beach & Reyes National Seashore

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA

This was on my list. Just like rocks, beach glass fascinates me. I was prepared to be disappointed but, thankfully I was not. Not only is it a beautiful beach but there is a plethora of beach glass. Soooooo fun!

Found this rock too! How special.

Stayed for the sunset and there was a fella there creating huge bubbles with his son. Super cool. I stayed in the area so I went back the next day as well.

Often I would see very narrow paths along outcroppings of land that are clearly well traveled. Usually I don’t feel the need to venture out along these paths. This one however I decided to walk out to the end. Yikes! At the narrowest section it was about 18 inches! At least there was water at the bottom of the shear drop offs on either side. Kinda scary though. Continued driving south and looking for a place we ended up finding a parking lot with iOverlander of a hotel that charged $12 a night. They were very nice and concerned for my safety. Let me use their restroom and said I could use up til 11 PM.

Another dangerous surf sign!

Sonoma County Doran Regional Park

This campground is Bodega Bay. It was cold and windy and the campsites were fairly close together. I was intrigued by my neighbors fire pit.

The fire pit is a washing machine tub and a tire rim. I didn’t see it in action at night but imagine with twinkling fire through the holes is cool looking.

We took a walk on the beach in the morning after breakfast before left.

Point Reyes National Seashore

We arrived here and went to the visitor center as usual. I had gathered all my info and went back to fill my water and get a pressed penny and I ran into a lady and we struck up a conversation. She was originally from Germany but lives in Texas now. Her name is Catina and she was in the area working for the National Forestry Service evaluating trees after the recent forest fires. She is an arborist. They were on “stand down” and therefore not working so she was taking advantage of time off and taking in the sites. She was intrigued by my story and my van. We chatted for awhile and then we went our separate ways. I have her contact info and will try to keep in touch.

It was quite a drive out to the lighthouse and it was closed (I knew this before driving out there) but, the view was awesome. Just before arriving at the lighthouse point there were a couple of does laying on the sand dunes. I stopped to take a photo and spooked them. Then I saw the buck who apparently also got spooked.

It was extremely windy on the point and extremely high!! The birds were just hanging in the air. No need to fly. It was pretty cool.

We walked to the other side and all of a sudden there were several deer rambling up over the hill onto the path. Five in all. We just stood there and watched them for awhile and snapped photos. So cool to see them so close.

We stopped at the elephant seal overlook. They were mostly pretty lazy sleeping on the shore except two that were playing in the shallows. Loved seeing them. The outlook is kinda far away so the Nikon telephoto lens helped quite a bit.

Saw a bunch more deer driving back from the outlook. We stopped at one of the dog friendly beaches at the park but it was pretty cold and windy so we just headed on the the next stop.

Mt. Tamalpais State Park


It was quite a drive up the mountain up to this park. I learned what “En Route” camping was. Basically, this was a walk-in campground you could park and “camp” in the parking lot for just an overnight stay. I was able to cook outside of the van which was nice. There was a trailer there with what I assumed was the campground host. I knocked on the door (because the post the once had a bell hanging from it now had a sign that indicated you knock) and the inhabitant gruffly directed me to to ranger station.

I did manage to catch the sunset by driving further up the mountain. This did cause me to cook in the dark. Not a problem though. Headed down the mountain in the morning continuing South. There were many bicyclists on the highway and the road is not that wide. Kinda scary for me and I’m sure for the cyclist!

 I needed eggs so I stopped st this roadside stand. I paid $8 for organic eggs!!!! Wow. Never in my life have I paid that much for eggs and hopefully won’t again.

Next up San Fran and more of CA!

One thought on “California- Part 2 Glass Beach & Reyes National Seashore

  1. I’m glad to hear there was still glass at Glass Beach. I’ve not been there since the early 90’s. What a pretty drive that is. The price of the eggs, yup welcome to CA. I live 60 miles to the East of San Francisco, looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip here. Hope you are doing well back home in FL. Are you going to be heading out on another long road trips soon?

    Take care and kisses to Daisy :*



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